Shipping a Car? You Need to Know This Vital Information!

Shipping a car takes quite a bit of work, whether it’s local or cross-country. Whether the car in question is a more exotic car or it’s a classic, it’s vital to be able to differentiate auto transport companies and be familiar with the process.

In some cases, car shipping companies have insurance in the millions for vehicle protection. However, that’s not necessarily the standard: it could be less with other car moving companies. These are just some of the key differences that need to be noted when looking into shipping a vehicle.

Read on for some vital information on shipping a car:

Don’t Decide Based on Price Alone

When it comes to how much to ship a car across the country, the cheapest is usually not the best or safest choice. How much you should ship a car across the country is based on quality more than quantity. The price vehicle shipping companies charge for their services tends to reflect the equipment they use for car shipping, experience, and the like.

Don’t Pay a Deposit

Watch out for companies that require a deposit because a reputable car carrier will typically not ask for one. However, if you are being asked for a payment after your car is picked up or dropped off, then you can feel more confident that you won’t get scammed. It also affords room to back out should expectations not be met.

Reviews Are Crucial

Thousands of dollars are at stake when a car is shipped. A transport company that’s trustworthy is key in order to ensure that it gets to where it’s meant to go safely. A good rule of thumb is to visit the Federal Carrier Safety Administration’s website to see the safety record of a company you’re thinking of hiring.

Get a positive experience when you hire a company to transport your vehicle by talking to friends, family, and even local dealerships. Also, visit car forums and review websites for recommendations. 

Once you have narrowed down your options, keep in mind that quality service is key when choosing a transportation company.

The Risks Depend on the Shipment Method

If you’re shipping a car, you can transport it using an open trailer or an enclosed trailer setup. Open trailers are less expensive, but it leaves cars vulnerable to road debris, damage, the weather, and theft. 

When cars are transported on open trailers, chains are often used to secure them. Enclosed car transport companies that are reputable, on the other hand, make the most of wheel nets or nylon straps to prevent vehicle damage.

When a company uses chains, be wary of them. Make sure the chains are not tied over a vehicle’s axle. If they are, put them somewhere else because this can put a lot of strain on that car. 

If the chains loosen-which they might do over potholes and bumps-they will keep bumping against the car for the rest of the way.

Trailers that are enclosed are always the better choice. Low clearance cars will be safe within their lift gates; these also afford fewer chances of theft or damage.


When transporting a car, several things need to be considered. It’s not the easiest undertaking, but the process doesn’t have to be stressful. Key steps include reading reviews and not paying a deposit. 

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