5 Tips to Make Moving Day Safer and Less Stressful

Moving day may be difficult and incredibly stressful for everyone if not well planned. Injuries are common during DIY moving operations, especially when people are racing to finish the work. Injuries are also prevalent when people move appliances or big furniture that should be lifted by two or more people. Hiring a moving company with skilled movers is one of the easiest ways to make your moving day less stressful. Furthermore, you may avoid avoidable injury on the day of your move by planning ahead of time, packing early, and following these five tips.

1. Be Prepared Physically

No, you are not required to perform push-ups or run laps around the block. This tip suggests that you hire expert movers. Hiring a moving company ensures that you will have the assistance of specialists that specialize in organization, lifting, and time management. Professional movers can pack your home carefully, dismantle furniture, and securely wrap your most valuable possessions. Having professional movers on the moving day might help you prevent injury. They can handle all heavy goods, leaving you to handle the smaller items and basic clean-up.

2. Plan Ahead of Time to Avoid a Last-Minute Rush

Injuries are more prevalent when you have to leave your house earlier to make it on time. To finish the work in the quickest amount of time feasible, you use shortcuts, push yourself to your limits, and skip break times. However, most of the hurry may be avoided by preparing ahead of time.

Begin preparing as soon as you place your property on the market. Gather boxes, declutter, hire a mover, and get a jump start on packing early in the process. In the long term, getting a head start can help you save a substantial amount of time. After you’ve set a moving date, create a timetable to ensure that the big day goes smoothly.

3. Have the Right Equipment

Screwdrivers, hammers, and furniture dollies can be helpful tools for your move. However, they need to be used properly. Make sure you use the right tool for the right job. For example, always use a piano dolly to move your piano, and use a moving blanket on the furniture to avoid scratching your hardwood floors. Make sure you don’t try to lift heavy pieces of furniture or appliances on your own. It requires at least two people to lift appliances safely, and even more to lift a couch or large bed frame. Anytime you attempt to lift heavy items on your own, you are at risk of injury.

4. Take Breaks

Breaks not only allow you to stretch your legs, but you can use them as an opportunity to drink water. Moving is a strenuous activity, and hydration may be more important than you think. Keeping hydrated will keep your body from succumbing to muscle cramps and soreness. Your body, mind, and the items you are moving will thank you for the transition time.

5. Don’t Overpack

If you have to move with a full truck, leaving little to no room for any furniture, you will be adding more stress to your move. Make sure you pack your items carefully and that they can fit. If you are concerned that your items will not be able to fit in a standard truck and you do not have time to rent a larger truck, consider hiring a moving company with a larger truck. As you prepare to move, be sure to leave extra space and leave behind items that are not necessary.


As mentioned earlier, the move process is never easy. However, the careful planning and additional precautions you take now will make the moving process less stressful and safer. With a little bit of strategic planning and preparation, you can make your move less stressful and more successful.

You can be at ease by hiring a professional moving company and know that your items will be handled with care and respect. 

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