Handle with Care: Top Tips for Packing and Moving

Moving involves a slew of decisions. You get to decide what to carry and how to load it, but you also get to choose what should be left behind, donated, or sold. For long-distance moves, most professional movers charge by weight and mileage. As a result, every pound you load increases the price. Making wise decisions in advance can drastically lessen the amount of goods you need to move.

Old appliances, large furniture, and unnecessary items can be disposed of prior to the relocation. Donate your excess stuff, hold a garage sale, or sell them online. Beyond that, you might be unsure what to take with you.

Read on to discover these top tips for packing and moving.

For Toys & Playsets That Have Been Pre-Owned

Children outgrow toys and lose interest in previously purchased playsets. If you have unwanted toys or playground equipment, you may be sure that another family will enjoy them. You can decrease your moving load by giving or selling your old toys and making them available to other youngsters.

For Wardrobe and Clothing

Clean out your closet as well as the closets of your family members. Pack your usual or seasonally appropriate clothing. Anything you don’t need (or want) can be discarded. It’s amazing how much weight you can save by simply getting rid of unneeded closet space. Donate or sell your family’s clothing.

For Home Appliances

Determine whether owning a washer/dryer or a second freezer is worthwhile. It could be bought by a house buyer or a landlord. A yard sale or a trip to a local appliance seller might be in order. This lightens the load and prevents a creaky old appliance from breaking down. You have the option of waiting for new appliances or investing in a home that already has them.

For Furniture 

Certain pieces of furniture are irreplaceable or necessary, and they will travel with you. However, not all furniture is made in this way. Hire a moving firm to transport any furniture that your family does not need and can readily replace. Make sure that your new home has enough space. Furthermore, you can be confident that any furniture left behind will not be ruined during the relocation.

For Mattress

Mattresses are an additional viable alternative. Mattresses should be replaced every eight years or so, depending on their quality. Moving is an ideal time to replace your mattress. Avoid lugging lumpy old mattresses (or multiples) to your new home. Treat yourself to a new multilayer mattress as a welcome home gift. Many firms will offer you a mattress on the day of your arrival, allowing you to sleep on a brand new, fresh mattress in your new home.

For “Immovables”

Consider the types of items for which your movers may require particular arrangements. If you need new products right away, you may save both yourself and the professional movers time and money by purchasing them ahead of time. Rather than moving an antique or emotional piano, consider donating it to a local school or church.


Moving to a new location simply involves a lot of planning, packing, and perhaps, decluttering. This means that cramming everything into the truck isn’t always required. Sometimes, it’s really knowing what to take with you (and what to leave behind). With these tips, make sure you consider your needs first before anything else!

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